Sunday, February 16, 2014

Here I am... I think.

Extremely image heavy!!!!

Ok, Ok, I know I have not posted in like forever but life got crazy and things are finally settling down, I think.  I will spare you all the details of the health scares, issues with my sons schooling and drama fest stuff and will simply post picture of my finishes of the last year that I can remember.  I am not doing to tell to much about them but I will at least post designer, thread and fabric info if known.

This one I really did enjoy stitching.  I was surprised at how quickly I was able to stitch it and I really enjoyed all the little details and assembly.  I bought the pattern used and was not able to find a bunny bead for it so I put a frog on it instead, after all frogs hop, LOL.

                                                       Just Nan- Hoppington Hill

It seemed like last year was the year for Just Nan.  I have been a huge fan of Just Nan items for many years, long before the recent hype over the hard to find items.

                                                         Barnabee in bloom

Two versions of Honey Bunny

Tree hollow Hoot, second picture shown with a charm I found at Wal-Mart.       

      Turkey lurking stitched on Country Mocha linen.                            

I also managed to stitch a few other items that were not Just Nan.  One is a Little House Needleworks, the welcome cat is from Cross Stitch and Country crafts and the vampire is from a Just Cross stitch Halloween issue.

Cut out in lid of coffin is a light sensor, when you open it there is an evil laugh.     

           Grumpy Cat freebie from Brookes Books that I stitched for my sister for Christmas.

    Freebie that I stitched for my Mother in Law for Christmas, she is a big fan of the Wizard of Oz.

I hope that I can now get back into posting to my blog on a regular basis.  There are a few other things that happened last year that I will update about over time.  The first part of year for the most part was a major stinker but the second half of the year was better and ended on a very high note. 
Thank you to everyone that is still a follower of my blog.


Josephine said...

Glad you are back missed looking at your lovely stitching.


KrissKross said...

Hello! Thanks for sharing the link to your blog on 123 stitch! It's so funny that this morning I was JUST looking at the Just Nan cube you posted first. I *love* the frog on top, too! You have beautiful work - I enjoyed seeing it!



Wendy Y. said...

Hi Kristina, If you end up doing Hoppington Hill let me know, I have other pictures I took of it while I was putting it together and I would be happy to show them to you. I really enjoyed stitching and even putting it together.

Thanks for visiting my blog.