Sunday, November 4, 2012

Screaming Month

Wow what a month October was.  It was a great month but screamed by literally.  After my last update I didn't manage to get to much stitching done, I do have a few new finishes to share but we were so busy I am surprised I got anything done. 

We decided on one last camping trip for the year and we are so glad that we went.  We got a group of friends and went to the sand dunes.  My hubby painted his 4 wheeler a new color and even managed to paint part of mine too and we are both happy with the results.  Yes, that is Kawasaki green on a Yamaha machine.  My bike was blue and white, I like the new colors on both bikes.

We were also really busy with Halloween goodies.  This year we decided to decorate the yard more than we usually do and went a little crazy.  We had an 18 foot ghost hanging off the side of the house, a big spider on the roof with a "body" wrapped up in webs, our Grimm reaper, scarecrow and the best prop was our 96 year old claw foot tub with a skeleton relaxing in it.  The water was turn green with lights and the water even ran from the faucet and bubbled like acid. Complete the look with plastic body parts floating in the water.

My hubby has been bugging me for a new costume for the past 3 year so this year I finally got around to making it.  I cut out the pattern outside so it didn't look like a dog exploded in my kitchen and once I got started on it, it went pretty fast and my hubby was howling about the results.

 I dressed up as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and had lots of fun.  I sprayed my hair bright red and washing it out later that night looked like a murder scene in the tub.

Here is my favorite decoration from this year.  My Zombie garden gnome.  I bought 2 of them and left one as a surprise for my sister in her yard, it took her a few days to find it and she called him a creapy little gnome, LOL.  I put mine in the computer hutch for my son to find, LOL I am so rotten.

Ok are you ready for crafts now??  The first little finish I have I found on a Russian blog.  He was a fun stitch.  Here is the link if you want him.

The next one is from the Halloween Just Cross Stitch Special book from this year.  It's by Dragon Dreams and is stitched on perforated paper.  Poor little dragon is so tired after a night of trick or treating.

Last stitchy finish is Quaker Moon by Bent Creek.  I stitch it using DMC floss and it on a opalescent fabric.

I did get one last item finished but its not a stitchy related unless you count hand stitching the fabric yo yo's.  I got the kit from Mary Maxim and I just love her, in fact I am having a hard time putting her away with the Halloween decorations since I only finished her two days before Halloween. 

Well thats if for now.  I have all my Thanksgiving decorations up now and I have started working on Thankful Quaker from Bent Creek, other than that I have no other fall stitching planned but I have tons of Christmas stuff lined up which I hope to get done and share.  Until then Happy Stitching.