Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Halloween and other finishes

Well I am definitely ready for Halloween this year.  My husband and I are decorating more than ever this year and we cannot wait.  Most of the decorations in the yard will not be put out until the week before Halloween and some will not go out until the night of Halloween to keep them a secret, but we cannot wait for it.  I've done tons of decorating in the house and I will post pictures of it another post but I do have some stitchy finishes to share as well as other crafts.

First of all I am please to say I have finally finished the Bird and Teacup series from Bucilla.  The cardinal was my favorite one out of the group and I hope to get them framed to hang in my kitchen.

Here are two gifts that I made.  The first on is Sophie's Bunny Button from Cross Eyed Cricket and I made it for a sweet little girl who lives down the street from me for her birthday.  She has the cutest bunny and I used the fuzzy Whisper thread to make the bunny fluffy like her bunny.

I made this little chipmunk for my friend that I made the squirrel tart tin ornament for.  She watches my animals for me when I go camping and I wanted her to know how much I appreciate all she does for my pets.  The chipmunk is from Victoria Sampler.

Here are just a few of my Halloween items from this year.  I have a few others I still need to take pictures of. Both of these were freebies, I cannot remember where the pumpkin came from but the skull came from the Skull-a-day website.

I love this little witch, I still need to put the actual hanger on the top of it but right now she is hanging on the back of my front door with a magnet.  She was in the 2012 JCS Halloween Ornament issue and is by Pickle Barrel Designs.

When I first saw little Owen I just had to stitch him, he has the sweetest eyes.  He is a Heart in Hand pattern and was lots of fun to stitch.  The last stitchy thing is the Bent Creek Pumpking and white but as you can tell mine is a little different.  After getting it stitched with the white, it just didn't look right to me so I unpicked the white and redid it in black and left the button off, I like it much better.

Now for a few non-stitchy items.  I love this local store near me called Wood Creations.  By the way they are now shipping their products, all products are unfinished so you can paint them however you want.  I love that they are constantly changing their stuff for each season and I swear they have new stuff every time I go in there.  I like being able to add my own twist to things too.  Here is the candy corn for my HOME set and also a set of potion bottles the I made by covering the wood with scrap book paper.

That is it for now.  I will post my Halloween decorations next time as well as more finishes that I have.  Happy stitching!!