Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spiders oh my!!

Well it seems that Fall has come to Utah again and wow was it cold this morning.  Last week we were enjoying temps in the high 60's and now its in the 30's.  I love the colors of Fall and I love the feeling of walking in a warm house after being outside in the chilly air.

I mentioned I would tell you why things have been so crazy the past few months and since tomorrow things will get back to normal around here, well normal for my house anyways, I guess I can mention why.  My hubby has been in Korea since the first part of September employed with the government.  Because of the fact that my blog is public and I never know which crazy person might be reading my blog I figured it wouldn't be the smartest thing to post that he was gone.  Never can be to safe and I've learn in the past that I have people who read my blog but are not listed in my followers which is fine with me.

While he's been gone I've had his parents come visit for a few days and also a dear friend from Arizona.  It was great to have them come visit because it helped to break up the time and also gave me adults to talk to, LOL.  One can only watch so many cartoons and talk with a 6 year old for so long before going a little nuts.

You'd think with all the extra time I would have gotten more stitching done.  Its amazing where the time in a day goes and you have no idea what you did with it.  I do have a finish to share and as promised an update.

I've been wanting to stitch this one for a while and finally got it done.  I bought this pattern many years ago at a store in California called The Fuzzy Penguin.  The store is now closed and I miss it.  They had a great selection of used patterns and every time I went to CA I would make my hubby take me there.  I would spend a few hours in the store going thru the new and used patterns and found many goodies there including Long Spider by Annalee Waite.  Its stitched on a 28 count Tropical Orange from Wichett using DMC 5287.  I know its not the best picture but you can kind of see that is has a sparkle to it.  I was able to get this project stitched up in one evening.

I was hoping to get my spider banner done before Halloween but I just do not think its going to happen.  I have been enjoying working on it and its looking great.  I am a little more than 1/2 way done on it.  Do not ask me what it is with me and spiders with year cause I have no idea.  I am not afraid of them or anything, in fact I think they are interesting creatures and I have had several tarantulas as pets over the years.  Not really crazy about the little fury ones that jump but I am not a person to go running from the room screaming if I see one.

Well that's it for now.  I hope to have more to share in my next update and who knows maybe my hubby will have brought me something fun to share with you.  Thanks to all my family and friends for keeping me company while my hubby was gone, it means so much to me that you are there for me.

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ArchangelDecker said...

I absolutely adore that Long Spider. It has long been on my wish list. Your version is absolutely perfect! Great job! :)