Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Short update

Things have been crazy around my house the past few weeks, I will tell you why later this month.  I have had company coming and going.  Last week a friend came to visit me from Arizona and we had a blast hanging out, stitching and going to places like Antelope Island and the zoo.  I have worked some on my spider banner and its coming along nicely but my other stitchy project I am so happy with that I couldn't wait to share it.  For the past year I have wanted to stitch Candy Corn by With Thy Needle but have not been able to find the right color of fabric for it because the color it calls for has been on back order for the last year.  While going thru the shelves at my LNS with one of the owners from the shop (Teri from Shephards Bush) she found a perfect fabric as a substitute that was way in the back on a shelf.  I had her cut me 2 peices of it so I will have more for future projects since its such an odd color.  Here is what I managed to make and I just love it!!

It's done on a 28 ct. gold Joblein linen using DMC floss.  I made it into a little pillow with crushed walnut shell in the bottom to weight it down.  Here is another view of it with a yo-yo pumpkin that I made.

Hope to post more soon and I promise to post an update on my Spider banner very soon.


Mouse said...

ohhh that is sooo cute :) think I may have had something that colour in my stash ..lol love the little pumpkin too :) love mouse xxxx

Karen said...

That IS cute!! Well worth the wait, it came out great!! I see fabrics like that, and think "What would you ever use that for?" As if Halloween & Fall charts aren't just overflowing my stash... NEXT TIME I see a little bit, I'll have to grab it - because you never know when that weird color is JUST what you needed!

Josephine said...

Just simply gorgeous. Well Done