Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jeepers Creepers I've been busy

Sorry its been so long in between updates, things are just crazy this time of year I guess.  I am slowly getting my house decorated for Halloween and I am excited that fall is finally arriving in Utah.  I love this time of year where the weather changes and the trees turn wonderful shades of orange, red and yellow.

As far as my stitching goes I have been pretty busy.  I have had a blast making magnet eyeballs.  The pattern is in the JCS Halloween book and they stitch up really quick.  I was not able to find the bottle cap earrings which was ok with me because I hardly ever wear earrings anymore.  I did manage to find little kits containing bottle cap magnets for $1.00 and the local JoAnn's fabrics.  I bought several sets and as I was stitching up the first set I got the idea that they would make cute gifts to give to my sons teacher and then they could stick to the white board in the classroom and she or the kids could draw monster faces around them.  I went back and bought 15 more sets of the magnets to add to my craft stash.

Here is the little kits that I found and even if I am not using the purple glitter glue and sparkle gems that came with it I still figured I could use them.

 The kits came with two printed peices of fun foam that I flipped over and used the sticky back to attack the stitching too and then I simply glued the eyes into the bottle caps.

The following morning I woke up to a big eyed frog on my fridge.  My son had taken the eyes and placed them on a frog that he had colored.

I found a new little fabric store near me.  They do not have any stitching stuff but they do have a great selection of fabrics and fun creative ideas.  I purchased a Halloween wall hanging that I hope to get working on next week.  The store is mainly a quilt shop.  While in the store the ladies had taken the fun theme buttons and made decorative pins from them so I decided to try to make some and I just love them.

This is the back of the pins, I used the flower quilting pins and I have trimmed them to fit the back of the buttons.  Here are 3 ways of attaching them.  The back of the pumpkin I simply cut the bottom shank at the button and slid the pin under the shank and glued it in place, the next one the shank was going the opposite way so I slid the pin thru the shank and added a bit from a tooth pick to hold everything tight and glued everything down.  On the last one I cut the button shank of completely and sanded the back smooth and then glued it down.  The glue I used is actually a fabric glue called Fabri-Tac.  I love this glue because it dries quickly but if you use to much of it it will bubble up on you.

Front of the pins.

I just love the way they look and cannot wait to make more of them.

I also managed to get some progress done on a large Halloween project.  I started stitching Spider Banner from Alessandra Adelaide- AAN.  So far its been a fun stitch but I decided to take a break from it for a few days because I was having to frog it.  I started Bent Creeks- Quaker Moon last night.  Here is my progress so far on the Spider Banner.  

Well that is it for now, hopefully I will have more to share soon.

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Erik D Shipley said...

Those eyes are cool. Love the pins too.