Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small Stitchy Update and a New Frog

I finally have a small stitchy update to post.  With everything going on these days its amazing I find time to stitch.  I am enjoying the new couch, I think a little to much because I find myself blog hopping on the laptop instead of stitching.  I did manage to get some progress done on my Christmas project, but I am still two months behind on it.  This is what I have done so far.

I also got some small projects put into frames.  I was hoping to decorate my front room with birds for the month of May but things did not work as planned.  I forget where I found this bird house frame and even after painting it I still think its a little plain so I will probably add something to the top part of it.

Found this frame at a dollar store and was happy to see that it is actually wood and not plastic.

Here is part of what I managed to get displayed last month.  The bird bath was a garden ornament that I repainted and I love the little birds I put in it.  I am thinking of stitching a bunch of bird items to display in the bird bath as well and make more ornaments to hang around it.

And last but not least I finally have a frog to put my scissors in.  While talking to my Mom on the phone yesterday I mentioned I wanted to go to the local antiques store to look for frogs and she realized that she had one sitting in the china cabinet.  She brought it to me today and after going thru many cupboards looking for something to place it in I wandered into the craft room and spotted one of the cupcake holder I was going make into a pin cushion.  I think it looks pretty cute.

I hope to have more stitching to show soon.  I am working on a project for a friend and plan to keep working on my Christmas project as well.


Mouse said...

oooo love your frog idea :) and at least you are stitching a bit ...:)love the wee birds too :0 love mouse xxxx

Josephine said...

Love the Teapots. Your stitching is lovely as usual