Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Stitchy Spot

I am so exctied!!  We got our new couch today.  For the past 11 years we had done with hand me down couches that are uncomfortable and not the best.  Our first set was actually used in a model home so it was gently used and then we got an old ugly couch that was suppose to last us 1 year and it lasted 3, so with this years tax return we went all out on a new couch and all I can say is it looked smaller in the store, LOL.

The look on this frogs face says it all.  It's about how I felt went they started bringing in the couch and I began to wonder if it was going to actually fit in the room.  Well it did, just bairly. 

We were hoping to be able to put end tables on either end but that just isn't going to happen at this house.  The seat next to the chase lounge is actually a recliner as well.

And yep you guessed it the chase lounge is my new stitchy spot.  I still need to move a few things around and get my ott light in the corner but it will get there in time.

I hope to have something to share next time that I worked on from my new cozy spot.  I started working on my Christmas SAL again and hope to have another page done on it by tomorrow.


Erik D Shipley said...

That is awesome! I want one too.

Mouse said...

phew it just made it didn't it and it looks very very comfy .... :) love mouse xxxx

ArchangelDecker said...

That's awesome! :)