Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crazy Utah Weather = Lots of Stitch Time.

What a crazy weather week we have had in Utah.  Thunder, lightning, rain, sleet and lots of snow.  Yep snow!!  This time of year I do not mind 2 solid weeks of rain but this snow is another thing.  The good thing is its melting fast but the bad thing is my back yard is a swamp.  My flowers were just starting to bloom and looking good, I managed to get a few pictures of them before they were flattened by the snow.

This is one of the Hyacinths by my front steps.  Look close and you will see a honey bee enjoying them as well. 

Good thing about crazy weather is it make for great stitching time.  I managed to get several small projects stitched and all I have left to do is the finish work on them that I hope to get done this week.

This is a small kit I bought several years ago simply called Bunnies.    The next two projects are Bird Songs and Splish Splash by Sam Sarah Designs.

This last one is a freebie from the Janie Hubble Newsletter called Easter Krazy Kitty.  I managed to get this project stitched while watching the original TRON movie with Marshal.   You cannot tell but its acutally stitched on a white irridecent fabric.

I am currently working on one last Easter project from Waxing Moon which I hope to finish sometime this week.  Hope everyone is enjoying Spring even if your having crazy weather.


socialsue said...

I was just enjoying the spring warmth when the rain came back. Our daffodils are up too. But everything in the garden is late. It is forecast to have rain all week on the island. I love ur stitching. Enjoyed the cat in the cup! socialsue

Beth said...

Wow! Four great finishes just in time for Easter. Are you up in the mountains of Utah to get all that snow? I would have thought that you were past that, guess your flowers did too. Hope the weather is improving!

Crystal said...

WOW your needle must be flying, love the cute finishes.

Wendy Y. said...

Beth, I am located midway between the Rocky mountians and the Great Salt Lake, nice flat area, LOL. Utah weather is so strange at times that I tell people if you do not like the weather, wait 5 minutes. The snow is all melted now but its going to rain/snow later this week.

Erik D Shipley said...

Nice finishes. Yeah, my poor daffodils and hyacinths are flattened. Stupid snow. It could've been the hail that did it too. The mountains do look really pretty though...all white and christmasy. I was singing Christmas songs the other day. haha