Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Stash Enhancement

Its been a crazy few days around here.  We decided to get a new TV with the tax money which resulted in redoing the entire family room.  The TV is now on a different wall and we spent several days cleaning and dusting which of course set all of our allergies off, but the end result looks nice.  We are also getting a new couch which will arrive the end of May sometime, just wait until you see my nice new comfy stitching spot.

I've never mentioned this but I have the best Hubby in the world.  Not only does he put up with my crazy addiction to cross stitching but he helps me with it as well.  For the past few years a lot of my stitching stash has ended up in the family room stored in tacky looking plastic boxes and since we were redoing the family room I wanted it to look nice.  While looking for shelves to put or DVD's on I fell in love with a cabinet that I figured was perfect for my stash.  After a little convincing I managed to talk my hubby into getting it for me and I totally love it.

This is what it looked like before.  There is a box for linen and another for Aida fabric, various boxes with specialty floss, metallic and even a box for my beads.  The current WIPS are stored in the 12x12 flat boxes and the binders contain patterns I am working on or plan to do in the near future.  Pretty messy right?? 

Here is what is looks like now.   After going thru all of it, I ended up putting things like bibs to stitch on and dish towels I do not plan to stitch anytime soon in a box to put in storage.  By the way it took me over 2 hours to put together, has over 110 screws and I even have the blister in the palm of my hand to prove it, LOL.

The bottom drawers are fabric.
One of the middle drawers has extra DMC floss, metallic threads and beads in it.  The other drawer (not shown) has all my binders in it.

And the top drawers are for specialty fibers, hand dyed flossed and I even have a drawer for misc. small items and the top middle drawer is still empty.
I just love how organized it is and how nice it looks now. 
Last night I finally managed to finish a project after not doing much stitching over the weekend due to all the cleaning and organizing.  This is from Leaflet 109 from The Cricket Collection and is called Painted Egg.  I just love this little guy and I plan to finish it into a flat fold display.  For the month of May I plan to have a display of bird items in my front room, I will post pictures when I get it done.  Right now my Easter stuff is still up, I am hoping to take that stuff down sometime this week.

Not sure what my next project is.  I am possibly going to start a SAL project from a yahoo group or something more bird related.  I am picking up an order from 123Stitch later this week so I may wait to start something until I get my order.  Happy Stitching everyone!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hoppy Easter

The weather in Utah is good for the moment but like a typical Spring in Utah things are going to be changing with the possibility of more rain this week.  I took advantage of the good weather to take more pictures of my flowers and also a few Easter projects outside.  My sister gave me tons of flowers last fall to plant and these are just some of what she gave me.  These tulips are in back of my hyacinths and the orange/red is neat with the purples in the front.

 I love the combo of colors here.  The other flowers coming up are various day lilies, irises and more tulips.

These are two older freebies from The Cross eyed Cricket.  Which came first and Eggbert Bunny.  I stitched them on 14 count plastic and backed them with felt.  I also used fuzzy stuff thread for the bunny tail.

I actually stitched this last year but am just now getting around to finishing it.  This was a Dragons Dreams freebie. 

The first time I saw Waxing Moons- Bunny mini egg, I just had to have it.  I stitched it on the same fabric that I am doing the Christmas SAL on but I used DMC 155.  I will probably finish it into an egg shaped ornament.

Hope everyone is getting lots of stitching time in.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crazy Utah Weather = Lots of Stitch Time.

What a crazy weather week we have had in Utah.  Thunder, lightning, rain, sleet and lots of snow.  Yep snow!!  This time of year I do not mind 2 solid weeks of rain but this snow is another thing.  The good thing is its melting fast but the bad thing is my back yard is a swamp.  My flowers were just starting to bloom and looking good, I managed to get a few pictures of them before they were flattened by the snow.

This is one of the Hyacinths by my front steps.  Look close and you will see a honey bee enjoying them as well. 

Good thing about crazy weather is it make for great stitching time.  I managed to get several small projects stitched and all I have left to do is the finish work on them that I hope to get done this week.

This is a small kit I bought several years ago simply called Bunnies.    The next two projects are Bird Songs and Splish Splash by Sam Sarah Designs.

This last one is a freebie from the Janie Hubble Newsletter called Easter Krazy Kitty.  I managed to get this project stitched while watching the original TRON movie with Marshal.   You cannot tell but its acutally stitched on a white irridecent fabric.

I am currently working on one last Easter project from Waxing Moon which I hope to finish sometime this week.  Hope everyone is enjoying Spring even if your having crazy weather.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Finish and 2 progress reports

Wow has it been that long since I updated??  I have been busy trying to play catch up on projects and also with my sons school so I haven't had to much time to update anything.  I did manage to get a small project finished and even sewed the fabric around it, I think I am going to eventually finish it into a pillow of some kind.  This is Lizzie*Kates - Sampling Easter and I stitched it using just DMC flosses.

I also managed to get the next page on the On Christmas Day SAL I am doing.  It was nice to have a break from it but I was bad and left it until the end of the month to work on it but here is the progress I got done.  I only have 3 more pages to go plus all the beads.

Last but not least is the Mystery Bird project I am working on.  I bet you forgot all about it, didn't you??  It still hard to tell what the project is but here is progress on it and also another clue as to what it is.

So far you know its a bird and that the copyright is 1982.  Here is another hint, the stitch count is 111x121 and the pattern gives DMC number as well as Bates numbers.  Yes I know its not much to go on but I promise the next update I will either post who the designer is or what company put the pattern out.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!!