Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Finishes and some progress.

I still do not feel like my stitching mojo is back 100% but at least I am feeling less stressed now that the month of February is over with (long story).  I was able to get lots of stitching done over the weekend and even finished one WIP, one small project and have some progress to show on the Christmas SAL.

This first one is the February owl from the Oakhaven SAL.  I still need to finish it into the little picture to place on the easel but at least I was able to finish stitching it.  I already have the next part of the SAL and its very cute, I may even start it tonight.

The next one is the bookmark from The Ship's Manor.  Only thing I changed on it was the color of the rabbit and then I outlined him so he would stand out a little.  I still have not decided how to finish it but I am sure I will come up with something creative.

Last but not least, since it is Wednesday, I need to show the progress on my Christmas SAL.  I can now say that I am officially 1/2 done with the stitching on it and I am really liking how it looks.  Hopefully I can keep motivated to continue working on it.


Kttycat said...

WooHoo half done! Your owl SAL looks cute! Hope the mojo starts returning.

Crystal said...

WOW, your needle has been flying Wendy. Great work on the SAL and your owls look cute. Still need to stitch my bookmark one of these days.

Beth said...

All your pieces are great! That Christmas piece is really going to be fantastic.