Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Progress on 3 projects

Ok first of all since it is Wednesday here is the update on the On Christmas Day SAL.  I didn't get much done on it and have come to the decission that I am not going to push myself working on it.  My stitching mojo is back for the most part except when it comes to this project so what I am planning to do is complete 1 page a month on it until I am done.  I currently have 3 1/2 pages to go in it so I think that is a realistic goal since there are so many other projects that I want to be stitching and I am so over winter and do not want to be stitching snowflakes right now, LOL.  Anyway here is my progress.

I have also been working on 2 other projects.  One is the Birds and Teacups which I am getting close to finishing.  I filled in all the areas with white and decided that it would not show up in the picture to much so I took a before and after picture of the pattern.  Yes, I make working copies of some pattern and mark them off as I go on the larger projects and kits and then let my shreader eat them, by the way my shreader is my pet rat named Smudge, who has a blast chewing them into little peices and making big fluffy nests.

And here is the actually project, not much more to do now.

The last project is called Shamrock Circle from Vee and Co.  I am using DMC Variations 4045 for it and I am really liking the results.  I started the project using what was left of one skein of floss and ran out and the second skein I had was not the same colors at the first so I drove all over town with my project to find a skein of floss that matched and I am happy with what I found. 

I hope to spend some time this week finishing a few other projects that I am done stitching but need to make into an ornament and a no sew cube.  Happy stitching everyone!!


Crystal said...

Oh wow all of your projects are looking stunning, no wonder you have a hard time picking what to work on. Love the teacup, looking forward to seeing that one finished. Glad you managed to match up your floss on your shamrock piece.

Kttycat said...

Pretty pretty pretty.