Friday, March 4, 2011

A Hoot of a RAK

After having a really crazy week, recieving a RAK from Cat was just what I needed to end the week on a high note.  She really spoiled me with owl goodies.  Recently I have been on an owl kick.  I have always stitched owl items for my Mom who has a huge collection of owl items but lately I have started collecting them as well so Cat's RAK is perfect for me.

She sent me 2 peices of fabric, a roll of owl ribbon, an owl flag, a stitched ornement, a felt owl decoration and an owl scissor fob.  I have been wanting to get me the hanger for the flag for sometime now and now I have the perfect excuse to get one.

Here is a better shot of the fob she sent, it goes perfect with my favorite pair of scissors and I just love it.

Thanks Cat for all the goodies!!!


Kttycat said...

Lol np I had fun spoiling you!

Crystal said...

Lucky you, enjoy are your goodies. Cat is a sweetie.