Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Animal updates

I decided that I would update on some of the critters at my house.  Back in September I posted that I had baby snakes hatching, the final total was 3 albino males and 1 normal colored female.  All 4 snakes are doing great and growing fast.  Speaking of growing fast I didn't relize that I hadn't posted about the other babies I had hatch out.  I was very lucky to get 4 baby tortoises hatch out the beginning October and I cannot believe how they are growing.  This first picture shows their size when they hatched, I used a quarter to help you visualize the size of them.

and here is that same baby today...  That really is a quarter and not a dime.  Notice how much dark growth there is and they are only 5 months old.

Here are the 4 of them eating... and they really will eat all of that lettuce in a day.  I also feed them apples, carrots, squashes and lots of other items plus add calcuim powder to their food.

Hee hee and here is how to tease torties.  They go crazy when they see me making their food and climb over each other to try to get to the food.

Last but not least is an update on the new kitty.  She is fitting in nicely even if the other kittys do not want to play with her.   We still need to take her to the vet to have her fixed but right now, since she is an indoor kitty, its not a huge priority although I am tired of the 3 am screaming.  By the way we ended up naming her Abby.  We call her Abby the tabby.  I just took this pictuse as she was finishing a yawn, she was not happy that I woke her up to take her picture, so it looks like she is sticking her tongue out at us.  Such a rough life she has now.  Oh and if you want to see a funny video of her click here.  She will not jump over the baby gate at the top of our stairs like the other cats, instead she squeezes thru a 3 inch gap next to the wall, silly kitty.

Hope you do not mind the critter updates from time to time.

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Erik D Shipley said...

They are soooo cute. I kinda wish they would stay that size. Maybe a pygmy tortoise.