Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SAL Update

Wish I could say that my stitching mojo has come back but it hasn't. I even managed to take a small break and do a different craft. Last week I went to the monthly craft night at the church and they were teaching how to crochet simple blocks. Since I already knew the basic crochet stitches I took my cross stitch with me instead and just sat and visited with the other lady's. They then decided that they would take the block that they made and make it in to an afghan for a lady in church that has poor circulation in her legs and had been using beach towels to keep her legs warm. The project is called "a patchwork of love" and I decided that I could donate two blocks to the project. So in a nut shell, after 10 years of not crocheting I picked up a hook and set to work and I am proud of the results and I think my Grandma would be too. I am surprised that I remembered what my Grandma and Mom have taught me. I still have about 1/2 of one block to finish but that will not take me long to do. By the way if your thinking the two blocks to not go together color wise, don't worry none of the other blocks do either, this is going to be one colorful afghan.

By the way I have plans to continue crocheting, I found a free pattern to make washable covers for the swifter sweepers and with spring coming and having 7 pets that will be shedding I think will need a few.

Ok so yes I did manage to get a little done on the Christmas SAL that I am doing with Cat and Crystal.  Not as much as I would have liked but not bad for the 2 days I have been working on it.

I am not sure how much I will be able to stitch the next coming days as I have family coming in town and its my sons birthday this weekend and I am in full cleaning mood.  Hopefully I will find time to stitch at least a little.


Crystal said...

Oh your squares are very pretty, what a kind and thoughtful thing to do for a friend. I'm sure it will bring her much warmth and joy. Great job on your SAL progress.

Beth said...

Great going on your squares - last year I did some crocheting after a loooonnnggg time, and I think it is like riding a bike - you never forget!! I really love the Christmas SAL you are in. It is fun to watch the three of you progress.

Kttycat said...

Its looking good. I do love your crocheted squares. I use to do that. I should pick up my needle and do some more!

Erik D Shipley said...

We need to get a stitch group organized and meet up somewhere. Too bad Shepherd's Bush doesn't do something like that. Maybe being with other stitchers would get your mojo back.