Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Project Updates

Well its another Wednesday so its time for a SAL update.  I didn't get to much done but at least I have a little something to show this week.  I spent the morning taking down my snowmen displays and putting up my Valentine stuff.  I love all the pink stuff I have.

I've been busy with other projects and even managed to get the frame done for my Little Blackwork owl.  I found the frame at a discount store for around $3.00.  It wasn't the color I wanted but it was round so I knew I could do something with it.  Here is what it looked like before, all I had done at this point was fill in the nail holes and gaps between the colors with a wood filler.

This is what I ened up with after sanding it, painting the edges brown and attaching scrapbook paper to it.

I have also been busy working on something for my new nephew who is due the beginning of March.  My SIL doesn't read my blog or even know I have one so its safe for me to post the project, LOL.  This is from the Lizzie*Kate leaflet- its a boy thing.  I plan to put a simple black frame around it.

And last but not least I have been working on my Birds and Teacups project.  I really like the colors on this one even and I am happy thats its finally starting to look like something.

Hope everyone has a great week and happy stitching.


Beth said...

Your Christmas one is coming along as is your teacup one. I think the way you finished your little owl is fantastic! You couldn't have found better paper for the frame - it was just perfect!!

Crystal said...

Great progress on your SAL, your owl finsh is too cute. I love your teacup looking forward to more updates.

Kttycat said...

Great progress on the SAL, I know I need to get my butt in gear for next week. The teacup is cute and so is the one for your new nephew. I love how you fixed up the frame for you owl he looks awesome!!!!