Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SAL Starts and a New Addition.

I feel like I am stuck in slow motion and that its taking forever to get things done.  Normally by now all my decorating is complete and I have more shopping done but not this year.  I am now on day 9 of decorating my house for Christmas and I have lots of shopping left to do.  This last week has flown by and I feel like I have nothing to show for it.

I did start the SAL with Crystal and Cat but I am sure they will have way more stitched than I do.  I wasn't too sure of the gold floss I am using but now that there is the pink with it it looks much better.  I am not sure if I will use the white I choose or switch to an ivory, I guess time will tell.

Like a crazy person I committed to starting two SAL's on the same day.  I will admit that I got a head start on my First Snow SAL that I am doing with a few people from the BirdCrossStitch2 Yahoo group but it sure doesn't look like it.  I was only able to work on this project for a little while and was really hoping to have it finished by now but I think the frog was sitting on my lap or something because I kept losing count and having to redo areas.  I hope to finish it by this weekend.  By the way this is a freebie from The Drawn Thread.

The other thing that has kept me busy this week is the new addition to the family.  Ya I know your all thinking I need another pet like a hole in the head but this one was just breaking my heart every time I saw her.  I live in an area where people like to dump cats and dogs all the time so its not uncommon to see new cats in the area but I just think that this little kitty was just meant to be mine.  In January I lost one of my kitty Mayzie to kidney failure and this new kitty looks a lot like the one I lost.  Every time I saw her sitting under my bird feeders or sitting on the road trying to get warm from the heat of the dark road I couldn't help but cry so I decided to take her in.  The neighbors down the street feed some of the strays in the area and try to find homes for the ones they can and also fix some of them so there are not more kittys being born so I asked them if I could adopt her and they were overjoyed that I wanted her.  So far she is fitting in with the family.  She was definitely someone pet because she acts like shes lived here for weeks.  She loves my son and not really afraid of the dogs.  The vet says she is about 2 years of age and she is missing 4 teeth on her bottom jaw but she is healthily and possibly pregnant.  Yup, if the vet is right there will be kittens the first of the year.  Here is what she looks like.  By the way, we havn't named her yet, some of the names I am thinking about are Zoey, Mushu, and Dinah but if my hubby has his way she will be named Thing or It.  When he thinks I am not looking or listening I can hear him talking to her and have even caught him petting her. 

She has taken over my recliner and sleeps there a lot and in strange ways.  Gee, do you think she is relaxed in her new home??

Well I am off to clean, stitch or decorate, I hope.


Kttycat said...

Awww what a cute new addition! You actually have stitched more than me! I still have yet to start it. I'm rushing with trying to sew together a Christmas present and make another ornament by Saturday! Which is almost ready to be stitched together. So hopefully this next week i'll fly by both you and Crystal. hehe

Crystal said...

Great start Wendy, I know how you feel about being behind for Christmas. I don't know where the time has gone. I love your new fur baby.

Diane said...

Great start on both projects!

Your new kitty looks a lot like our calico, Hope. Hope is extremely petite, though. She's two years old and looks like she's still a kitten. She's less than half the weight of our two bruisers, Monkey and Shia, and her face still has kitten features. Sweet little thing!