Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SAL progress and Christmas Decorations (long)

I was talking to Crystal yesterday and she was asking me how much I had gotten done on the SAL we are doing and I told her that unless I stitched last night the pictures were going to look exactly the same.  She told me that I was not allowed to post the same picture and that I had to do at least one stitch, so.... I did just one stitch.  Look really close and you will see a single white stitch.  I guess I have to stitch more by next week or Crystal might take a wet noodle to me, LOL.

It just hasn't felt like Christmas is just around the corner with all the warm weather we have had here.  On Sunday it was in the 50's and we actually worked in the yard.  Because of this I have not felt like decorating so this year it took me twice as long to get it done.  I still did not put up everything I wanted but oh well, if it isn't done by now its not going to be put up.  I decided to post a few pictures of what I did get done.  This is just the front room and part of the kitchen, the family room is all trains but I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of it yet.  By the way we did get a light snow storm last night so I am feeling a little more festive but its not going to last long, its already melting.

Here is my tree.  It doesn't show but the lights are all pink, gold and white.  The ornaments are mainly beaded crystal, pearls and gold and most of the ornaments are handmade.  It looks really pretty.

This is the little table that sets next to my tree and has a few stitched pictures on it as well as my music box and the kneeling santa that I painted many years ago.

This is the display that is on top of my old trunk.  There are pictues that I stitched and a few I recieved as gifts.

This picture hangs above the shelf and trunk.  I stitched this a few years ago and the detail is hard to catch.  There are many many beads.  The popcorn on the tree has 5 mini seed beads per square and all the corn spilling from the sack is beads.

These deer are located above the santa picture.  The deer are made from plastic canvas and sit on top of the wall that separates the kitchen from the front room.  The garland is actually lighted and there is another section of it on another wall.  I have vaulted ceilings in this part of my house so its really fun to decorate.

This little corner shelf is located by my front door and is actully the first thing you see when you walk in my house.  Its hold items that I have painted and stitched over the years as well as a few gifts.  Look close and you will see my frog sitting on the little chair ready for his Christmas kiss.

This is just a small part of my snowman collections.  They sit on top of my computer hutch in my kitchen.  Can you find the snowman made from a paint roller, wooden spoon, hammer handle, wooden spool or clothes pin??

Here is the other reason that I did not get much stitching done on my SAL.  My sister buys these ornament kits every year for me to make for her.  They are made by putting beads and sequins on pins and pushing them into the ball.  One of these years I will make my sister make them with me, ya right, LOL.

Ok so I stitched a little more on my Christmas SAL than I previously posted.  I actually managed to get in at least an hour last night.  I really do hope to have more to show for it next week.  Hope you enjoyed the Christmas pictures.


Crystal said...

Very nice, thought I was going have to take that wet noodle to you for one stitch. I love your Christmas pictures thanks for sharing.

Kttycat said...

Glad you found a little bit of time to get more than one stitch in. LOL. Your decorations are beautiful. I just love them beaded ornaments you do for your sister... but you should make her do them. I just absolutely love that Santa. I'd love to see a closer picture to be able to see all the beading. Well I should go post my SAL before i'm another day late.