Saturday, November 27, 2010

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter!

Well I am not sure what happen to Fall, but Winter seems to be here now.  We already have snow here, not a lot at our house but enough to make is nice and cold.  We are suppose to get a storm tomorrow so today I took down all the Fall decorations and took them back to the storage shed and brought home the Christmas ones.  Wow do I have a lot of decorations, LOL, no wonder it take me a week to get them all put up.  I love how it looks when its all done so its worth it.

I did manage to get a few last minute ornaments finished for November so I thought I would post them first before showing off the Christmas ones.

The first one is the November part of the Mini Celebrations from The Stitching Parlor and the other one is the November jar from SanMan Originals.

This is the Hootzi Humbug from Just Nan, he was so much fun to stitch and a lot easier to assemble than I thought it would be.  Thank you Crystal for sending me the link to the tutorial on how to sew it together.

Ok, on to the Christmas stuff.  I do not have much yet but I am sure that there will be more to come.

Here is the December part of the Mini Celebrations from The Stitching Parlor and the December part from the 2009 OakHaven SAL.

Last but not least I am posting the fabric and floss the I have selected for a SAL that I am doing with Crystal and Cat.  We are stitching a project from The Gift of Stitching Magazine called On Christmas Day and its designed by The Cats Whiskers. 

Fabric is a 28 count rose evenweave and the floss colors are White, 729 and 3687.

By the way did I mention how nice it is to finally have high speed internet.  Pictues upload so much faster when your not using dial up for internet access, LOL.  Anywho... I will post pictures of my holiday decorations once they are all up and I am happy with them.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Fall

Since its a cold and damp day I figured today would be a great day to update my blog.  I even managed to go outside in the rain and snap a quick picture of my TUSAL jar, I wanted to put it next to some of the pretty fall leaves in my yard.   I have ever fall color in my yard right now, reds, oranges, yellows and even one tree that has all three colors plus green all at the same time.

These are all ornaments that I managed to stitch last year but only actually finished until this year.  I tryed to get pictures of them with all the different fall colors.  This first one is a CrossEyed Cricket and it comes from the More Scary-corns leaflet #247.  I love the bush in the back gound in the fall, its refered to as a Burning bush and its green in the spring and summer.

This next one was a freebie last year from The Stitcherhood.  I used a DMC variations 4130  floss for it.  The tree is a weeping burch.

This is Thanksgiving Kitty from The Cats Whiskers.  The tree is called a smoke tree and is normally a deep red color.

Ok the last one is from OakHaven designs and is the November part of a SAL we did on the board in 2009.  Believe it or not but the leaves in the back ground are from a Red Maple.

I have a few more Fall ornaments that I am currently working on and will post them when I finish them.  I just wanted to be sure to get pictures of the pretty leaves before they are gone or covered with snow.