Friday, September 24, 2010

What a month its been

I have to say that the month of September has been an interesting one.  Marshal started school, I found out some interesting info about a family member, found a long lost family member, won several online contests, received free stitching stash and added new pets to the family.  Stitching wise I didn't really stitch much.  I did take a picture of my TUSAL jar on the correct day but have not had a chance to post it until now.  I expect to be adding a lot of floss to it in the coming weeks as I gear up for Halloween and Christmas Stitching.

Here is some of the stitching I did manage to get done.  Top ones are from the SanMan September Calender and the Inky Dinky Jar set.  Bottom ones are the September part from Mini Celebrations from The Stitching Parlor and the last one is from Oakhaven SAL from a while back.  I did a few Halloween ones too but I will not post them until I finish them into ornaments.

Ok now on to the new additions in the family.  I got my first set of gopher snake eggs 10 weeks ago and they have finally hatched.  I ended up with 3 albinos and 1 normal colored baby.  Here is a picture of 2 of the babies still in their eggs, a little albino and the normal colored baby on the right.  You can just see their eyes and noses poking out.

I also got several snakes from a friend who just wanted to find a good home for them.  She gave me 2 Brazilian rainbows and a green tree  python (pictured below).  I now have a total of 16 snakes.  I hope to find homes for at least 4 of them in the next few weeks.  I plan to keep one of the albino babies.  I will keep the boas and python but 3 of the babies and another adult snake need new homes.

Goals for the next month are to continue working on Halloween stuff and hopefully a few items for Christmas and to find homes for the snakes, LOL.  We are going to a reptile expo next weekend so hopefully I can find out what my babies are worth.