Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Around the Corner

I cannot believe that the month of August is almost over and Fall is just around the corner.  I love the colors of Autumn and the fact the Halloween is coming up fast.  I have already started stitching Halloween stuff to put on my tree.  This one is from The Stitchy Kitty and was a freebie in 2002 and its called Snowy Tricks or Treats.  I love this little guy, he combines 2 of my favorite things, Snowmen and Halloween.

I normally do not buy beginner kits but this little Learn A Craft kit from Dimmensions called to me.  I love his eyes and the hidden smile, the kit is called "First one to Smile".  I hope to one day have a second bathroom that I can decorate with nothing but frogs.

Last but not least is the OakHaven 4 Season House SAL.  I bought the frames at Micheals for $1.00 each and painted each one to go with the project.  They were really quick and fun to stitch.

Plans for the rest of the month and for next month are to stitch some September ornaments and also work on a few Halloween ones.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

TUSAL Update and a Little More

Another New Moon is here and its time for an update. If you look close in my jar you will see a blob of black floss. That is what happens when you stitch something in black that is suppose to be gray.  I managed to get lots of stitching done in the last week and I am pretty much where I want to be stitching wise.

I managed to stitch a few SanMan original designs to make into ornaments.  The August Jar and the watermelon from the August calendar.

Last is the August part from The Stitching Parlors- Mini Celebrations.  As hot as its been lately I do not even think a dog is enjoying Summer, LOL.

Plans for the next few weeks are to finish a SAL that I am doing with the Oakhaven group and also work on stuff for September, I really wanting to get stitching on Halloween projects.  I will post a picture of the Oakhaven SAL when I have finished the last part.