Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

OK, so the New Moon came and went without me taking a picture of my TUSAL jar. I swear time is speeding up because the year is 1/2 over and I have no idea where has gone. With today being the first official day of Summer I decided to post pictures of some ornaments that I finished. I am happy to say that I am now caught up on at least one of my SALs. Last night I finished stitching the May jar from the SanMan series. I still need to make it into the ornament but at least it is stitched.

At the top is the finished ornament from the Stitching Parlor- Mini Celebrations and the bottom row are from the OakHaven 2009 SAL June and July parts.

These are all SanMan originals.  June and July jars and the June 2010 Calendar freebie.

I hope to get caught up more on my SAL's during the month of July.  So far it is working good with flip flopping projects.  I stitch a project for June or July and then I go back and stitch one thats left from May.  We will see if I can keep this progress up.  Wish me luck, LOL.

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Crystal said...

Great job on your stitching, I love the ice cream one.