Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The start of a new project

So far this year I have managed to stitch mainly ornaments and small projects so I decided it was time to start a larger project.  This one is called What an Ugly Duckling and it is a kits from Dimensions.  The kit came with 18 count Ivory Aida cloth but I decided to change it to 16 count Ivory linen. 

This is what I have managed to get stitched in roughly the first 24 hours of starting it. Can you tell what it is yet??   Is this 1 duck or two and where does the eye go??   I hope to post updates every few days.


socialsue said...

Looking forward to see the progress of ur duck.. not sure yet where the eyes goes...maybe near the top??

Crystal said...

Great progress on your ugly duckling piece, looking forward to watching it grow.