Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Decorations

Since it is now March its time to post my decorations.  It seems weird to not have a bright colored tree to decortate, I did manage to find a nice brass swirly tree for a great price.  It has places for 9 ornaments and possibly 15 it I put them close to the center.  It also come apart in 3 places so you can make it smaller if you want.  I plan to use this when I do not have a bright tree for the holidays.

The tree came with a star on top of it but the star comes off and I thought it would be fun to put the Shamrock on top of it.  The tree has ornaments from SanMan Originals, Rainbow Gallery, Oakhaven, Stitchy Kitty and Mosey and Me.

This one its from The Stitchy Kitty.

This is from a series from Susan Gastler.  There is one for every month and there is also teapcups to go with them but I havn't started them yet.


socialsue said...

I like the way u display each month ornaments or stitching projects! Cute Stitchy Kitty's paw.... U are ahead of me with the teacups/teapots....I am just starting on the March teacup/teapot.


Crystal said...

I love your March tree, Wendy. Great job on your stitching.