Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Decorations

Wow two post in one day, don't expect that too often, LOL.  I was so excited to get some of my Valentines Day stuff finished that I just had to post pictures.

The ornaments here are from Prairie Schooler Winter Winds, Oakhaven SAL 2009, Lizzie*Kate, The Cats Whiskers, SanMan Originals and The Drawn Thread.

I am so proud of these ornaments.  I was not to sure how the hearts were going to turn out but I am very happy with them.  They are stretched around plastic canvas hearts that I bought at the craft store.

The first one is part of a freebie from Debbie Draper Designs, the next one is a freebie from The Stitcherhood and the last one is from the SanMan Originals Newsletter.

Last but not least is the pink tree with all the ornaments on it.

Can you tell that I am having a blast with my colored trees.  I will probably add a few more ornaments to the pink tree and if I remember I will post pictures of them.


stitchinfiend said...

Love the pink tree and what a beautiful way to show off valentine ornaments.

Crystal said...

I Love your tree Wendy so cool, way to go with your stitching. Beautiful what else can I say

socialsue said...

Interesting way to display all ur pink stitching!!!! Very creative !!