Thursday, December 23, 2010

Duck and Cover

Ok so this week I am late on my update for the Christmas SAL and I will be honest, I didn't even put in one stitch on it.  I have a feeling that Crystal has a wet noodle with my name on it or maybe she will be nice and let it slide since it is Christmas in a few days.

I did however finish one project.  Next year I plan to stitch the Button Up Birdies from Victoria Sampler.  There are 12 birds in all and they will be release thru 2011.  This little bird goes with that set and is from the 2010 JCS ornament issue.  I will not finish it into an ornament until I have them all stitched, that way they can be finished in the same manner.

He is stitched on a Country Mocca linen using DMC flosses and red beads from Mill Hill.

Merry Christmas to all my online friends, your freindship as ment a lot to me this year.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Few More Finishes and Kitty Update.

I managed to get a few more small finished competed for this month.  I only really plan to work on one more item this month but its more or less for next Christmas so if it doesn't get finished this year its not a big deal.

This first one is a SAL I did with the BirdCrossStitch2 yahoo group.  I actually finished it last week sometime but forgot to post it.  Its a freebie from the Drawn Thread and its called First Snow.  Its stitched on wedgewood blue 28 count linen using DMC floss.

These next two are paw prints from The Stitchy Kitty.  The santa one is a freebie avaliable on the Stitchy Kitty web site.  I have now stitched all of the paw prints.

This last ornament is the December jar from SanMan Originals 12 days of Christmas 2009.  This was a really fun series to stitch.

Ok now for a kitty update.  The bad news is we still have not named her, right now we are thinking of Abby, but still not set on it.  The good news is that we are not having kittens.  Not sure why the vet was thinking that but the kitty went into heat and drove us crazy for a few nights trying to let every tom cat in the area know it.  She will be getting fixed as soon as the holidays are over.  She is fitting in nicely at our house and my other kittys have accepted her into the clan.  The one cat I thought was going to be the hardest to win over has actually been the easiest.  My other calico named Little Bit has pretty much decided the intruder is ok.  Here is a picture of the two of them on my couch, ignore Marshals socks and the ugly cover on the couch, I hope to be getting a new couch after the first of the year.

This will probably be my last update until after Christmas so I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and get lots of stash from Santa.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SAL progress and Christmas Decorations (long)

I was talking to Crystal yesterday and she was asking me how much I had gotten done on the SAL we are doing and I told her that unless I stitched last night the pictures were going to look exactly the same.  She told me that I was not allowed to post the same picture and that I had to do at least one stitch, so.... I did just one stitch.  Look really close and you will see a single white stitch.  I guess I have to stitch more by next week or Crystal might take a wet noodle to me, LOL.

It just hasn't felt like Christmas is just around the corner with all the warm weather we have had here.  On Sunday it was in the 50's and we actually worked in the yard.  Because of this I have not felt like decorating so this year it took me twice as long to get it done.  I still did not put up everything I wanted but oh well, if it isn't done by now its not going to be put up.  I decided to post a few pictures of what I did get done.  This is just the front room and part of the kitchen, the family room is all trains but I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of it yet.  By the way we did get a light snow storm last night so I am feeling a little more festive but its not going to last long, its already melting.

Here is my tree.  It doesn't show but the lights are all pink, gold and white.  The ornaments are mainly beaded crystal, pearls and gold and most of the ornaments are handmade.  It looks really pretty.

This is the little table that sets next to my tree and has a few stitched pictures on it as well as my music box and the kneeling santa that I painted many years ago.

This is the display that is on top of my old trunk.  There are pictues that I stitched and a few I recieved as gifts.

This picture hangs above the shelf and trunk.  I stitched this a few years ago and the detail is hard to catch.  There are many many beads.  The popcorn on the tree has 5 mini seed beads per square and all the corn spilling from the sack is beads.

These deer are located above the santa picture.  The deer are made from plastic canvas and sit on top of the wall that separates the kitchen from the front room.  The garland is actually lighted and there is another section of it on another wall.  I have vaulted ceilings in this part of my house so its really fun to decorate.

This little corner shelf is located by my front door and is actully the first thing you see when you walk in my house.  Its hold items that I have painted and stitched over the years as well as a few gifts.  Look close and you will see my frog sitting on the little chair ready for his Christmas kiss.

This is just a small part of my snowman collections.  They sit on top of my computer hutch in my kitchen.  Can you find the snowman made from a paint roller, wooden spoon, hammer handle, wooden spool or clothes pin??

Here is the other reason that I did not get much stitching done on my SAL.  My sister buys these ornament kits every year for me to make for her.  They are made by putting beads and sequins on pins and pushing them into the ball.  One of these years I will make my sister make them with me, ya right, LOL.

Ok so I stitched a little more on my Christmas SAL than I previously posted.  I actually managed to get in at least an hour last night.  I really do hope to have more to show for it next week.  Hope you enjoyed the Christmas pictures.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SAL Starts and a New Addition.

I feel like I am stuck in slow motion and that its taking forever to get things done.  Normally by now all my decorating is complete and I have more shopping done but not this year.  I am now on day 9 of decorating my house for Christmas and I have lots of shopping left to do.  This last week has flown by and I feel like I have nothing to show for it.

I did start the SAL with Crystal and Cat but I am sure they will have way more stitched than I do.  I wasn't too sure of the gold floss I am using but now that there is the pink with it it looks much better.  I am not sure if I will use the white I choose or switch to an ivory, I guess time will tell.

Like a crazy person I committed to starting two SAL's on the same day.  I will admit that I got a head start on my First Snow SAL that I am doing with a few people from the BirdCrossStitch2 Yahoo group but it sure doesn't look like it.  I was only able to work on this project for a little while and was really hoping to have it finished by now but I think the frog was sitting on my lap or something because I kept losing count and having to redo areas.  I hope to finish it by this weekend.  By the way this is a freebie from The Drawn Thread.

The other thing that has kept me busy this week is the new addition to the family.  Ya I know your all thinking I need another pet like a hole in the head but this one was just breaking my heart every time I saw her.  I live in an area where people like to dump cats and dogs all the time so its not uncommon to see new cats in the area but I just think that this little kitty was just meant to be mine.  In January I lost one of my kitty Mayzie to kidney failure and this new kitty looks a lot like the one I lost.  Every time I saw her sitting under my bird feeders or sitting on the road trying to get warm from the heat of the dark road I couldn't help but cry so I decided to take her in.  The neighbors down the street feed some of the strays in the area and try to find homes for the ones they can and also fix some of them so there are not more kittys being born so I asked them if I could adopt her and they were overjoyed that I wanted her.  So far she is fitting in with the family.  She was definitely someone pet because she acts like shes lived here for weeks.  She loves my son and not really afraid of the dogs.  The vet says she is about 2 years of age and she is missing 4 teeth on her bottom jaw but she is healthily and possibly pregnant.  Yup, if the vet is right there will be kittens the first of the year.  Here is what she looks like.  By the way, we havn't named her yet, some of the names I am thinking about are Zoey, Mushu, and Dinah but if my hubby has his way she will be named Thing or It.  When he thinks I am not looking or listening I can hear him talking to her and have even caught him petting her. 

She has taken over my recliner and sleeps there a lot and in strange ways.  Gee, do you think she is relaxed in her new home??

Well I am off to clean, stitch or decorate, I hope.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter!

Well I am not sure what happen to Fall, but Winter seems to be here now.  We already have snow here, not a lot at our house but enough to make is nice and cold.  We are suppose to get a storm tomorrow so today I took down all the Fall decorations and took them back to the storage shed and brought home the Christmas ones.  Wow do I have a lot of decorations, LOL, no wonder it take me a week to get them all put up.  I love how it looks when its all done so its worth it.

I did manage to get a few last minute ornaments finished for November so I thought I would post them first before showing off the Christmas ones.

The first one is the November part of the Mini Celebrations from The Stitching Parlor and the other one is the November jar from SanMan Originals.

This is the Hootzi Humbug from Just Nan, he was so much fun to stitch and a lot easier to assemble than I thought it would be.  Thank you Crystal for sending me the link to the tutorial on how to sew it together.

Ok, on to the Christmas stuff.  I do not have much yet but I am sure that there will be more to come.

Here is the December part of the Mini Celebrations from The Stitching Parlor and the December part from the 2009 OakHaven SAL.

Last but not least I am posting the fabric and floss the I have selected for a SAL that I am doing with Crystal and Cat.  We are stitching a project from The Gift of Stitching Magazine called On Christmas Day and its designed by The Cats Whiskers. 

Fabric is a 28 count rose evenweave and the floss colors are White, 729 and 3687.

By the way did I mention how nice it is to finally have high speed internet.  Pictues upload so much faster when your not using dial up for internet access, LOL.  Anywho... I will post pictures of my holiday decorations once they are all up and I am happy with them.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Fall

Since its a cold and damp day I figured today would be a great day to update my blog.  I even managed to go outside in the rain and snap a quick picture of my TUSAL jar, I wanted to put it next to some of the pretty fall leaves in my yard.   I have ever fall color in my yard right now, reds, oranges, yellows and even one tree that has all three colors plus green all at the same time.

These are all ornaments that I managed to stitch last year but only actually finished until this year.  I tryed to get pictures of them with all the different fall colors.  This first one is a CrossEyed Cricket and it comes from the More Scary-corns leaflet #247.  I love the bush in the back gound in the fall, its refered to as a Burning bush and its green in the spring and summer.

This next one was a freebie last year from The Stitcherhood.  I used a DMC variations 4130  floss for it.  The tree is a weeping burch.

This is Thanksgiving Kitty from The Cats Whiskers.  The tree is called a smoke tree and is normally a deep red color.

Ok the last one is from OakHaven designs and is the November part of a SAL we did on the board in 2009.  Believe it or not but the leaves in the back ground are from a Red Maple.

I have a few more Fall ornaments that I am currently working on and will post them when I finish them.  I just wanted to be sure to get pictures of the pretty leaves before they are gone or covered with snow.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween Again!!

I managed to get my last Halloween projects done so here are the finishes.  The first one is done on 10 count pumpkin colored fabric and its a One Color Wonder called Bewitched by Waxing Moon.  I plan to make it into a pillow but I think that will wait until next year.  Finished size is 8 x 12 1/2.

The rest are from SanMan Originals.  The first one was a SAL we did on the message board.  I stitched it on a pale purple linen and changed the floss colors a little to brighten it up and also stitched the lettering in purple to make it stand out more.  I really like how it turned up and will probably finish it into a flat fold but that too will wait until later on.

Here are the last 2 ornaments.  The yo-yo jack is from the SanMan Merry Members Club and the October jar is part of the Itty Bitty Jar series from Dec, 2009 SanMan Original boards 12 Days of Christmas gifts.  By the way I dyed the fabric for the jar using food coloring and a small amount of water.

Off to start on my November projects.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

It's been another crazy month at my house and I finally got to finish some ornaments today.  I was hoping to take pictures of all my Halloween decorations but its just not going to happen tonight but I wanted to post what I could.  Some of these I actually stitched last year but did not finish them into ornaments until this year.  There were many more ornaments that I wanted to get stitched but I just ran out of time.  I may do one more Halloween posting if I get the other project done that I am currently working on.

 Top Left- Brittercup from the 2008 JCS October issue, October part of the Mini Celebrations from Stitching Parlor.  Bottom Left- Halloween Kitty from Cat's Whiskers and a freebie from Dragon Dreams.

Top Left- Snowy Tricks or Treats and Halloween Paw print from Stitchy Kitty.  Bottom Left- Dragon Dreams October Dragonlet and October from OakHaven.

Top Left- Harry Potter Death Eater Mark from the Leaky Cauldren website, El Muertos by Moster Bubbles from the 2010 JCS October issue and the bottom one is a freebie from Plain and Elegant.

Here is what my tree looks like with all the ornaments and decorations around it.  Other pictures around the tree are from Shephards Bush, SanMan Originals, Bent Creek and Lizzie*Kate.

This is my Tim Burton Tree.  Look closely and you will see ornaments from the Nightmare before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.  The little pictures on the table are Just Nan, Shephards Bush and Jeannette Douglas Designs.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

What a month its been

I have to say that the month of September has been an interesting one.  Marshal started school, I found out some interesting info about a family member, found a long lost family member, won several online contests, received free stitching stash and added new pets to the family.  Stitching wise I didn't really stitch much.  I did take a picture of my TUSAL jar on the correct day but have not had a chance to post it until now.  I expect to be adding a lot of floss to it in the coming weeks as I gear up for Halloween and Christmas Stitching.

Here is some of the stitching I did manage to get done.  Top ones are from the SanMan September Calender and the Inky Dinky Jar set.  Bottom ones are the September part from Mini Celebrations from The Stitching Parlor and the last one is from Oakhaven SAL from a while back.  I did a few Halloween ones too but I will not post them until I finish them into ornaments.

Ok now on to the new additions in the family.  I got my first set of gopher snake eggs 10 weeks ago and they have finally hatched.  I ended up with 3 albinos and 1 normal colored baby.  Here is a picture of 2 of the babies still in their eggs, a little albino and the normal colored baby on the right.  You can just see their eyes and noses poking out.

I also got several snakes from a friend who just wanted to find a good home for them.  She gave me 2 Brazilian rainbows and a green tree  python (pictured below).  I now have a total of 16 snakes.  I hope to find homes for at least 4 of them in the next few weeks.  I plan to keep one of the albino babies.  I will keep the boas and python but 3 of the babies and another adult snake need new homes.

Goals for the next month are to continue working on Halloween stuff and hopefully a few items for Christmas and to find homes for the snakes, LOL.  We are going to a reptile expo next weekend so hopefully I can find out what my babies are worth.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just Around the Corner

I cannot believe that the month of August is almost over and Fall is just around the corner.  I love the colors of Autumn and the fact the Halloween is coming up fast.  I have already started stitching Halloween stuff to put on my tree.  This one is from The Stitchy Kitty and was a freebie in 2002 and its called Snowy Tricks or Treats.  I love this little guy, he combines 2 of my favorite things, Snowmen and Halloween.

I normally do not buy beginner kits but this little Learn A Craft kit from Dimmensions called to me.  I love his eyes and the hidden smile, the kit is called "First one to Smile".  I hope to one day have a second bathroom that I can decorate with nothing but frogs.

Last but not least is the OakHaven 4 Season House SAL.  I bought the frames at Micheals for $1.00 each and painted each one to go with the project.  They were really quick and fun to stitch.

Plans for the rest of the month and for next month are to stitch some September ornaments and also work on a few Halloween ones.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

TUSAL Update and a Little More

Another New Moon is here and its time for an update. If you look close in my jar you will see a blob of black floss. That is what happens when you stitch something in black that is suppose to be gray.  I managed to get lots of stitching done in the last week and I am pretty much where I want to be stitching wise.

I managed to stitch a few SanMan original designs to make into ornaments.  The August Jar and the watermelon from the August calendar.

Last is the August part from The Stitching Parlors- Mini Celebrations.  As hot as its been lately I do not even think a dog is enjoying Summer, LOL.

Plans for the next few weeks are to finish a SAL that I am doing with the Oakhaven group and also work on stuff for September, I really wanting to get stitching on Halloween projects.  I will post a picture of the Oakhaven SAL when I have finished the last part.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red, White and Blue

With July almost over I am currently done with my ornaments for this month. 

Top left is Glory from SamSarah, top Right is a Barbara Ann design I believe.  The bottom one is from the Omni book of Minis.

This is the July part of the Mini Celebrations from The Stitching Parlor.  The pattern showed 2 more fire cracker buttons and another red star button but I think it was a little over kill so I left them off.

Stitchey Kitty Paw Print

My goals for the rest of the month and for August are to work on more ornaments and also start a larger project possibly for Christmas.  Hard to believe that I am thinking of  Halloween and Christmas already.