Thursday, September 28, 2017

To blog or not to blog??  What do you think is blogging still a thing??  Does anyone want me to start posting my craft and finishes again??

Monday, February 24, 2014

More from last year

I have a final few project to share from last year.  One is Barnwood Buttons from Rosewood Manor.  Its stitched on 28ct Zweigart Dusk and I used DMC B5200, Weeks Dye Works- Ivy and Crescent Colors- House Wine.  I still need to put the buttons on it.  I am using my own buttons as well as some from my Grandma's button box.  I have not been happy with the placements of the buttons yet so its still sitting in limbo but the stitching is all done.

This picture shows it while I was still stitching it but you get the idea what the colors are on it.

Few more Just Nan projects-  Cardinal ornament and Maple Ravens

I made these with the help of my son handprint.  We made them as Christmas gifts for family and friends.  I attached a little poem to them that said "Five little snowmen all in a line, they might look familiar because they are mine. Snowmen will melt cause they're made of snow, Cherish this handprint because I will grow."  Found the instruction and poem online to make them.

I think I have pretty much everything from last year posted now.  Next time I promise to start posting stuff from this year and also introduce you to Butterscotch AKA Butter Bunny.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Here I am... I think.

Extremely image heavy!!!!

Ok, Ok, I know I have not posted in like forever but life got crazy and things are finally settling down, I think.  I will spare you all the details of the health scares, issues with my sons schooling and drama fest stuff and will simply post picture of my finishes of the last year that I can remember.  I am not doing to tell to much about them but I will at least post designer, thread and fabric info if known.

This one I really did enjoy stitching.  I was surprised at how quickly I was able to stitch it and I really enjoyed all the little details and assembly.  I bought the pattern used and was not able to find a bunny bead for it so I put a frog on it instead, after all frogs hop, LOL.

                                                       Just Nan- Hoppington Hill

It seemed like last year was the year for Just Nan.  I have been a huge fan of Just Nan items for many years, long before the recent hype over the hard to find items.

                                                         Barnabee in bloom

Two versions of Honey Bunny

Tree hollow Hoot, second picture shown with a charm I found at Wal-Mart.       

      Turkey lurking stitched on Country Mocha linen.                            

I also managed to stitch a few other items that were not Just Nan.  One is a Little House Needleworks, the welcome cat is from Cross Stitch and Country crafts and the vampire is from a Just Cross stitch Halloween issue.

Cut out in lid of coffin is a light sensor, when you open it there is an evil laugh.     

           Grumpy Cat freebie from Brookes Books that I stitched for my sister for Christmas.

    Freebie that I stitched for my Mother in Law for Christmas, she is a big fan of the Wizard of Oz.

I hope that I can now get back into posting to my blog on a regular basis.  There are a few other things that happened last year that I will update about over time.  The first part of year for the most part was a major stinker but the second half of the year was better and ended on a very high note. 
Thank you to everyone that is still a follower of my blog.
Just a quick post.  It has been a busy year but I hope to start posting to my blog again very soon.   Hopefully this week.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Keeping Warm

The past few weeks I have been busy stitching and just keeping warm.  The good thing about a good Utah winter is that you do not want to go outside so it makes for good stitching weather.  Here are a few things that I have managed to stitch since the first of the year.

The first 2 are from Bent Creek.  The snowman face is from the Cold Snowman leaflet.  The second one is called Blue and White.

This one is from Pickle Barrel Designs.  I am really liking these patterns from them and they look perfect hanging on the back of my front door.
If you have noticed by now I really love mice and another love of mine is Dandelions, yes I love the crazy weeds, so this little design that I found on a foreign blog is a perfect little project for me.
Just Nan Butterfly Heart stitched on 28 count raw opalescent linen.
This is from the Light and Shadow pattern from Firewing designs.  The fabric is called Thunderstorm and the floss Spice Market from Artiste.  The Artiste floss can be found at Hobby Lobby and so far I am really happy with it. 

This is an old Silver Needle Secret Needle Night chart that I borrowed from a friend.  I used DMC and Artiste metallic floss on the project and I have to say this is one time that I am not happy with DMC.  The Artiste floss did not frey like the DMC did and was easier to use.  I will stick to the DMC for solid colors but I have never had a good experience with their metallic floss.

So far its been a good year for stitching and I am happy to say that I finished a UFO/WIP off my list.  I finished the last 4 designs from the One Froggy Night project.

My next projects are going to be 2 small Valentine projects and then I am going to start on Easter.  I have several small detailed projects planned and I cannot wait to get them started.

Happy Stitching.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and Stitching Goals

The New Year is barely here but already I have decided to post and mention my stitching goals for the upcoming year. 

The other day while going thru a box of stitching projects I came across a WIP that I started in 1997.  It was a project from de la Tour Designs called The Tinsel Fairy Mouse and was in the 1997 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue.  I had all but the wings stitched on it and actually had a small part of the wings done.  I ended up unpicking the silver floss that I had stitched and restitched it using a floss that I like to work with better.  I am happy to say that it is no longer a WIP and is a completed project.

The project is stitched on a light blue aida but its hard to tell in the picture.  I used DMC threads and the metallic is  PB27 silver treasure braid from rainbow gallery.  I will probably frame it or make it into a pillow.

I guess you could say that finishing the old WIP has inspired me to finish more WIPs so I am going to try to dedicate the year at least partly to WIPs.  Now I am not saying I am not going to be starting new projects and that I am setting a goal to finish all my WIPs but I am going to at least give it a shot.

Here is a list of some of my current WIPs that I hope to work on.

1- One Froggy Christmas-  4 out of 8 are done.
2- Month By Month by Sunflower Seeds- 9 out of 12 are done.
3- A Year of Events, Dimensions kit- 5 out of 12 are done.
4- On Christmas Day by Cat's Whiskers- 3/4 of the way done.

I am sure I will come across more as I go through things but those are the ones I have in mind right now.  I know of a few others but they are not a priority right now.

Hope everyone is having a good New Year and I hope to keep you more up to date on my blog.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of another Year (Warning image Heavy)

Well this year has just flown by for me so I figured I better post one more update for the year and wrap it up.  It has been a really good year in most areas.  My shoulder is still giving me fits and probably will for the rest of my life but as long as it doesn't get worse I can deal with it.  If I rest it its much better but being active and having a 7 year old makes it hard to do sometime.  At least I am still able to work on crafts when its not bugging me so all is not lost.

For the month of December I was able to get several small items stitched.  I am not going to go into to much detail on each item but I'll post the basics so people can find them.  Not sure if I have mentioned this before but one of my pet peeves is when I go to a blog and see something that I like but the person has not taken the time to post the designer or where the pattern can be found so I try to make sure I do that with every item.

This little guy was from a blog and from what I can tell he is no longer available.  I've had the chart for many years and just got around to stitching him this year. 

Christmas Spider from Sunflower seeds.  The trim is eyelash yarn that a crochet into a loose chain to make it fuller.

Both of these little dragons are from Dragon Dreams and can be bought at  Top one is Santa's Helper and the other one is The Cookie Thief.

Not a Creature was Stirring from Casey Buonaugurio and was in the Nov/Dec 2008 Just Cross stitch issue.

Frost on the pumpkin by Just Nan.

Hard to see but this is Santa Squared by Pickle Barrel Designs as it was in the Nov/Dec 2012 Just Cross Stitch Issue.
Are you bored yet??  I am still not done, LOL.
I took the time to make several beaded ornaments this year and had a blast making them.

All of these kits except the candy canes can be found at  The Candy Canes I bought at my local Hobby Lobby.

This is also a kit from Mary Maxim.  He was loads of fun to make, I am giving him to my MIL as a Christmas gift, she collects Santas.

One last item and I think I am done, LOL.  These were my favorite thing that I stitched this year.  When this kit came out I knew I just had to have it.
Just Nan Limited Edition Gingerbread Mouse.  The other Mouse is also a Just Nan Minervea's Mouse.

I think I have posted every thing I have made since my last post.  I did not get everything stitched on my stitch list this year but I still feel like I managed to get a lot accomplished and I hope to be able to maybe work on some of them next year.
I hope everyone had a great holiday season and here's wishing everyone a great New Year.